News: Ireland Aims to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Bus Shelters by 88%

Three organizations—JCDecaux, ESB, and Solar AdTek—have recently completed an innovative collaboration to enhance 1,800 bus shelters across Ireland. ESB funded the project in a partnership arrangement with JCDecaux. The latter has a contract for the advertising rights and maintenance of National Transit Authority bus shelters in Dublin and around the country. JDCecaux committed to lower energy consumption worldwide, and this reduction in emissions delivers on that promise.

In addition to cutting the carbon footprint, this initiative has greatly improved the quality of the bus shelters. All fluorescent light bulbs have been removed and replaced with better-quality roof lighting and ad panel LED systems. This technology was provided by Dublin technology company Solar AdTek. The shelters also utilize smart technology which works to regulate the flow of electrical current. This ensures shelter lights are only in use between the hours of dusk and dawn, further reducing energy consumption.

This project is not insignificant. This is the first national co-funded roll-out to be completed between JCDecaux and NTA with ESB. It resulted in the development of Solar and lighting systems used specifically for the outdoor advertising market. The upgrades both increase passenger comfort and significantly reduce energy levels required to provide the service itself. This is just one step in the process of Ireland’s transition to a low-carbon economy.